Web Applications

We develop robust, scalable and high-performance web applications used by startups, SaaS companies and small to medium enterprise businesses.

Building something that works!

Whether you are a startup looking for an MVP, selling the software as a service (SaaS) or need an internal application to handle critical functionalities, we have the skills, experience, and the right team to handle even the most complex development procedures. Experienced in using Rails, the MEAN stack, AngularJS, and ReactJS, we'll work with a specific stack of technologies to focus on your key objectives.
While web applications are used primarily by desktop users, progressive web applications have been on the rise which offers mobile users a full experience. We don't forget the importance of users on different devices and include those in both the design and development decisions.

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Kordli is a web based application focused on connecting families to share, gather and collect their precious moments. We worked with Kordli to develop a minimum viable product.

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